Justin Bieber Reportedly Calls Fan 'Beached Whale' When He Is Actually a Massive 'Moby Dick'


It is reported that teen idol Justin Bieber was in an Australian hotel on the last day of his tour. A few fans went up to him. A girl came up to him in a bikini who was reportedly around a "size 14." Bieber asked her is she was Hawaiian "or something". Then he reportedly called her a "beached whale" and reportedly told her she should go on The Biggest Loser

People become famous with the support of others. Sometimes the famous people forget that. You can have all the talent in the world...it will not make you famous. It will not make you a household name. And when you do have the support, when you do become famous, you have responsibilities. You should be cordial to those who idolize you. You should smile and wave at those who support you. You should give a little time to those who have supported them to get famous...

Because as a fan, it takes a lot of courage to approach a teen idol. To go up to someone who has millions of fans and introduce yourself. To compliment them on their talent and to ask for an autograph. It is intimidating to say hi to someone who has been all over television and magazine.

As a famous artist, you have one main job. You should bring your fans up, not down.

Who cares what size the girl was? Size 14; size 1,114...what right does Bieber have to insult a fan? What right does anyone have to insult the way someone looks? To bring a fan down. To hurt a young woman's feelings in front of so many others. To try to bring yourself up by putting others down?

Of course, this is all reported...

Reported by a body image consultant. One who happened to hear this and made a formal complaint to the hotel. The girl who was insulted just took the insult. The body image consultant took it further, as she should have.

How many other times has Bieber said this to his fans? Ones who are embarrassed to come forward. The ones who might starve themselves so they are not "beached whales."

I would guess more than reported.

Celebrities cry bullying all the time from the media. They forget how they got to be famous in the first place. They think the media is hard on them, but they do not realize comments or actions they do in the first place to get publicity.

Justin Bieber has been saying people have been bulling him for years. He is just a kid who has talent who is trying to make something of himself...

Or maybe he is someone who brings people down to bring himself up.

Body image issues are not only caused by magazines and the media...it is mainly caused by words. Words like "beached whale." Words like "fat." The girl insulted did not complain. She did not say anything. She took the hurtful words from an idol and walked away.

Of course, this is all reported.

Honestly, this is a shame. There are mothers of kids who love Justin Bieber. How would a mom or dad feel that their daughter is not eating because she does not want to be called a "beached whale"? What about Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Are they also "beached whales"?

Every day it looks like the media is right about Justin Bieber. He is a talented artist who cannot handle fame.

And shame on him for calling anyone a "beached whale".

Next time when you cry bullying "Beebs"...

Look in the mirror.