Justin Bieber Is Kinda Bratty In New Interview, Surprises No One

Oh, Biebs.

Justin Bieber is doing everything he can to save his tarnished image, but a recent interview shows the singer still has some work to do.

Bieber sat down with French media site Clique on Sept. 18 and addressed his image problems, how he handles negative talk about himself and his friendship with serial batterer Floyd "Money" Mayweather.

"I’m just kinda walking on eggshells right now. I‘m trying to make sure people don’t think I’m being disrespectful," said Bieber. "When you tell people you’re gonna represent belief and hope and then you’re off not really doing that, people get mixed messages... Now I just want people to see me like a normal dude with my hoodie ‘cause I’m comfortable and just chilling, not trying too hard.”

Stefan Hoederath via Getty Images

Part of being the "normal dude" that Justin craves? Making the people around him keep any negative rumors to themselves.

"Of course, certain things will get back to me, but, like, at the end of the day I try to tell all the people around me, like, if you hear something about me, don't tell me. Cause I'd rather just not know than hear it and start thinking about it too much. I don't need to know."

Bieber goes on to discuss his friendship with Mayweather, but around the four-minute mark the Biebs, unable to hide his brattiness any longer, falls into the interviewer's lap, asking, "How many more questions?" Because we all know there's no better way to redeem your image than by trying to shut down an interview.

Bieber does have a few redeeming stories in the Clique segment, but it's kinda clear from recent antics that he still has a little growing up to do.

Catch the full interview here for more Bieber soundbites.

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