Justin Bieber's Crotch Grab Completes His Transformation Into Marky Mark

Less funky, more bunch.

Maybe in 20 years' time, we'll barely remember Justin Bieber the singer as we toast his soul-baring performance as a down-and-out boxer at the 100th Academy Awards. Hey, if Mark Wahlberg dared to dream... LOL JK COULDN'T EVEN FINISH THAT SENTENCE. 

Until he's inducted into the Academy, we're left with Bieber going full tilt fuccboi, channeling Wahlberg's permanently shirtless alter ego, Marky Mark, on Instagram. The pop star (and Calvin Klein spokesperson) shared a photo of himself on Friday grabbing his nether regions sans all clothing except underwear.

 [Insert he's quite a handful joke here]. 

"#mycalvins," he captioned the photo of himself staring lovingly into the mirror. 


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Don't know how to feel about Bieber self-love? Luckily, award show enemy no. 1 shared a photo before the bulge that more adequately sums up our reaction. 

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Interest piqued; side-eye achieved. 



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