Justin Bieber Doesn't Know What 'German' Is (VIDEO)

We understand Justin Bieber's a busy kid. Putting your hat on backwards with perfection and hanging out with Usher takes a lot of time out of your day. But couldn't he squeeze in a few minutes to learn what "German" means?

During an interview with some guy (we could find out who it was but that would distract from the fact that the Beebs DOESN'T KNOW THAT THE WORD "GERMAN" EXISTS), he was asked if "Bieber" meant "basketball" in German. After acting like the guy was using some weird Kiwi slang, he responded: "We don't say that in America." Wow. (via Buzzfeed)

UPDATE: Faith in humanity (and the Beebs) restored. If this clip is any indication, he is well aware of the German language. Bieber, we apologize for removing your posters from the office. We'll put them back up now.