Justin Bieber Allegedly Throws Eggs At Neighbors Home Causing $20,000 In Damage (UPDATE)

Justin Bieber is kicking off 2014 with yet another run-in with the law.

The "Confident" singer is in a heap of trouble for allegedly egging his neighbor's home. In Jan. 2014, TMZ posted a video that appears to have been taken by the neighbor. In the clip he yells at Bieber and accuses him of egging his house. The pop star shouts back "F--k you, I got another one for you actually!"

Bieber's neighbor has obtained repair estimates and, apparently, the broken eggs have caused about $20,000 worth of damages to his home. In California, vandalism that results in over $400 worth of damages is considered a felony. If Bieber is charged, the situation will quickly turn into something more serious than a sophomoric prank.

TMZ reports that the entire façade must be re-plastered, which is set to cost about $15,000, and that several doors need repair at an additional cost of $5,000.

Reportedly, Bieber has yet to offer to pay for the damage or apologize for his behavior.

UPDATE: Jan. 14, 12:10 p.m. -- TMZ reports that police are detaining Bieber in his garage while they enter his home with a felony search warrant. They are looking for any evidence that might implicate him in the egg-throwing incident, including video from his own security cameras and more eggs that could be connected to the broken ones outside.

TMZ attained a photo of the L.A. Country Sheriff's patrol cars that are currently parked on Bieber's street.



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