Justin Bieber Egged On Stage (VIDEO)

They've got Bieber Fever, and the only cure... is more eggs.

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber was working the stage with his usual mix of short stride strutting and virginal sex appeal at a concert in Sydney, Australia over the weekend, when a few dissident tweens let loose air-borne breakfast burritos for the Bieb. A flying "cluck you," one might say.

Luckily, he used his suave moves to dance around the incoming chicken bombs and avoid the yolky shrapnel, but it was, in any case, a rare crack in the love felt for the Canadian crooner. Generally, it's fans' enthusiasm that keeps him from making his moves around the city, not their cooped up rage.

Perhaps they were simply upset about the idea of losing some of their hero's music career to the big screen; Bieber is in talks to star with Mark Wahlberg in an upcoming film about a street baller.

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