Justin Bieber Gets Emotional While Discussing Why He Got Emotional At VMAs

"I just put everything on the line."

What did it mean? Well, Justin Bieber is finally explaining.

In an emotional trip to "The Tonight Show," Biebs opened up to Jimmy Fallon about why he cried at the end of his VMAs performance. 

"I just wasn’t expecting them to support me in the way they did," Bieber explained of the audience. The singer was almost at a loss for words as he talked about how he had been booed at his last award show appearance and was feeling overwhelmed by everything, later adding, "I just put everything on the line."

"Plus your junk was being pulled by the harness," Fallon chimed in.

"It was, right?" said Bieber.

Gossip Cop previously reported a source close to Bieber told them a similar story about why the singer cried, but this is the first time hearing it from Biebs. In any case, Bieber is back on top. Fallon says his new single "What Do You Mean?" was the fastest song to reach number one on iTunes, so clearly the people like when Biebs gets real.

Still, maybe they can loosen that harness up a little bit next time.

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