Justin Bieber Gives Friend A Car; Childhood Pal Gets A Pricey Christmas Gift (PHOTOS)

It looks like Justin Bieber gave a childhood friend quite the Christmas gift over the weekend.

The 17-year-old teen star may have given his buddy, Ryan Butler, a Mustang convertible while he's home in Canada for the holidays. Butler tweeted a photo of the 'stang with the message "Justin got me a present. #swag!!!"

So far it is only being assumed that his very famous friend is the Justin that gave him the pricey ride. So far Bieber's kept quiet about the gift on his Twitter page, but hasn't been shy about showing off his adorable siblings.

He tweeted a photo with little brother Jaxon and younger sister Jazmyn -- who recently made quite a few fans herself, after she joined him on stage in Toronto -- writing, "Merry christmas from the family :)."

Looking at Bieber's track record, he rented out the Staples Center in Los Angeles for girlfriend Selena Gomez this fall, it's likely this "swag" gift could have his finger prints all over it.


Justin Bieber: Home for the Holidays