Justin Bieber Writes Poem For Hailey Baldwin: 'My Love For You Grows More And More'

The singer wrote that the model is his "one true soulmate" and "Gods greatest creation" in a poem on Instagram.

Justin Bieber often waxes poetic about Hailey Baldwin, but he took it to the next level on Monday when he posted an actual poem he wrote for his wife on Instagram.

The 25-year-old posted a black-and-white image of Baldwin in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, along with a longwinded caption about how much he loves the 22-year-old.

“Sunlight falls into the Abyss / Just like i fall into your lips / Waves crash onto the shore / My love for you grows more and more,” reads the poem. “Sound of the crickets a true meditation / I think about you, Gods greatest creation. / As i fall into this blissful state / I ponder on how you’re my one true SOULMATE.” 

The poem goes on to say that Baldwin has given Bieber “so much strength, support, encouragement and joy” and that he “just wanted to publicly honor” his wife. 

Bieber is extremely active on social media, often posting missives about what he’s up to, his clothing line and musings about his wife.

Just last week, the pop star responded to a comment from an account called Jaileyisajoke on different Instagram post dedicated to Baldwin. The commenter said that Bieber married her only to “get back at [Selena Gomez]” and accused Baldwin of sleeping with men for fame and being racist.

Bieber shut that down, calling the commenter “immature” and “absurd.”

“Why would I dedicate my whole life to someone in marriage to get back [at] my ex, anyone who believes this is mean spirited or 10 years old or younger because a logical person doesn’t talk or think this way u should be ashamed of yourself really,” said Bieber.

He also added that while he “absolutely loved” Gomez and that she will always hold a place in his heart, he is head over heels in love with his wife.

“She is absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me,” wrote Bieber, adding that he “will never respond again to a message like this.”