Justin Bieber's Hair Evolution, In One Amazing GIF

R.I.P. to that bowl haircut.

Justin Bieber's hair was literally a trending topic before that became a thing. Yet he's come a long way since his teeny-bop lyrics and side-swept bangs.

After ditching his famous signature hairdo back in 2011, the Canadian-born singer has worn a number of styles, including undercuts, pompadours and even bobs. Bieber has also proven that he isn't afraid to experiment with non-traditional hair colors, which may or may not be influenced by a certain leading lady in his life.

Whether Bieber really does want to change "just a bit" or it's a ploy to become a permanent fixture on the Instagram "Explore" page, there's absolutely no need for him to say "sorry."

So in honor of Bieber's 22nd birthday on March 1, we're celebrating with a GIF to revel in all of his major hair moments (so far).

What a transformation, Bieber!
What a transformation, Bieber!

GIF created by Tiara Chiaramonte/The Huffington Post

Justin Bieber's Style Evolution