Justin Bieber Teaches Hockey To Jimmy Fallon. It Doesn't Go Well.

The Canadian singer's slick moves kept "The Tonight Show" host on thin ice.

Singer Justin Bieber is from Canada, where hockey rules. He plays in pickup games, and the NHL recently tweeted one of his goal celebrations.

Jimmy Fallon hosts “The Tonight Show” and does not play hockey. So naturally the late-night talk show assigned Bieber to humiliate, er, teach the host in a hockey segment that aired Thursday.

Bieber dominates Fallon in a series of drills. He tows him, too, and finally gets a victory lap singing “O Canada” on a Zamboni.

Bieber is singing another tune these days. His new album “Changes” dropped on Friday.

Presumably he hopes to score on the charts the way he notched goals in a shootout, above.