Justin Bieber Late For Concert Because Of 'Diva' Behavior, Late-Night Partying, Report Alleges

Justin Bieber made waves with fans this week after showing up late for a performance in London. Now, one report alleges the singer's diva-like behavior and late-night partying are to blame for his tardiness.

Bieber cited "technical issues" as the reason he was 40 minutes late for his O2 Arena gig on Monday, according to Billboard.

The Sun later reported that it was the 19-year-old's behavior that held him up.

A mother was reportedly told by O2 staff that Bieber threw a tantrum backstage.

“We were told he was kicking up a real fuss. He was saying, ‘It’s my show, I’ll go out when I want to,'" according to The Sun.

Another source added, “His lateness was because he didn’t get out of bed until late and sat in his dressing room playing games — even though his door was being knocked. He then threw a strop as he said he wanted a shower first, despite already being late. Justin arrived at the O2 at 3pm to do some meet and greets, but he didn’t get up until late because he’d had a heavy night at his hotel.”

However, we aren't so sure about the partying claims. On Sunday, the pop star was seen grabbing dinner at London's Mint Leaf Restaurant & Bar and then heading into a movie theater, according to Just Jared.

Whether partying was to blame for his lateness or not, the Associated Press notes Bieber "risked alienating fans by behaving with the same disregard for timekeeping as more hard-edged rock stars."

Lucky for him, Bieber won't be fined for extending the time of his Monday night performance. The Royal Borough of Greenwich told The Huffington Post U.K. that no action has been taken against the owners of the O2 Arena.

On Tuesday, the Biebs made sure to be on time.



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