Justin Bieber Fans Sing Songs Outside His Hotel After DUI Arrest

WATCH: This Is How Beliebers Reacted To Justin's Arrest

"Beliebers" were undaunted by a night of bad behavior.

Fans of Justin Bieber gathered outside the South Beach rental home where the pop star was reportedly staying Thursday night after he was arrested on charges of DUI, driving without a valid license, and resisting arrest without violence.

"Today it's been a tough day for him, being in jail, you know. Everyone chasing around him, paparazzi... He loves when we're there for him, and that's our job to do," one young woman told ITN.

The fans sang Bieber's songs in union outside the hotel's gates, amid a throng of media:

According to Sky News, the group swelled to "hundreds," many sympathetic after the 19-year-old was reportedly caught drag racing under the influence on a residential street, following a night of clubbing.

"It makes me want to support him even more, and defend him even more," said one fan. "I am worried about how he's going to be after this because everybody's pressuring him."

One mom told NBC Miami she had been outside the house for three days with her daughter. (Severely enthusiastic Beliebers, of course, is not a new phenomenon: check out this roundup of some of the now-troubled pop star's craziest fans. )

According to E! News, Bieber's camp is urging him to seek help, and he plans to return home to California as soon as possible.

Justin Bieber Arrested

Justin Bieber Arrested

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