Justin Bieber Posts Photo Comparing His Post-Jail Wave To Michael Jackson's Victory Dance

Justin Bieber is not about to walk quietly away from his troubles with the law.

On Thursday, Perez Hilton made the connection between Bieber's acknowledging his fans and how Michael Jackson danced on the top of his car after pleading not-guilty to molestation charges, saying, "Hmmmm. Where have we seen this before?? Is anyone else having flashbacks to Michael Jackson dancing on top of his car after a long fought battle in court??"

It looks like Hilton might have been reading Bieber's mind. The "Boyfriend" singer posted this photo of himself alongside an image of Jackson to his Instagram account on Friday (Jan. 24), with the caption, '"What more can they say" ♛'

While comparing himself to the King of Pop, Bieber seems to be forgetting that Jackson was eventually cleared of all charges, whereas Bieber has not yet seen a trial for his drag-racing incident.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story stated that Jackson danced atop his car after being cleared of charges, rather than at the end of his first day of trial, when he pleaded not-guilty.



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