Justin Bieber: Needs To Stop Spanking Strippers -- His Fans Are Women

Justin Bieber -- you need to start showing respect for women and stop treating them like sex objects if you want to retain your female fan base.
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Licking and biting stripper's nipples, dropping $75,000 on strippers and reportedly spanking strippers in an as yet-to-be-released sex tape -- Justin, this kind of sexist behavior is going to turn off your female fans.

Justin Bieber -- you need to start showing respect for women and stop treating them like sex objects if you want to retain your female fan base.

Justin Bieber Needs To Relearn How To Respect Women

Think about it, Justin. Whether you like it or not, a huge portion of your 63 million Facebook fans, 49 million Twitter followers, and 13 million Instagram followers are still young women. They crush on you, look up to you as a role model, and want to believe the best about you. When you frolic and fondle strippers, it's like you're saying that women are toys to play with.

Until just a few months ago, you spent a great deal of time promoting positive and empowering messages -- "believe" in yourself and "never say never" to your dreams.

But now, almost daily, a key message that you're broadcasting to the world is that you have little respect for women.

When you repeatedly get wild with strippers -- reportedly throw $75,000 in one-dollar bills at a Miami stripper and get lap dances, lick and bite another stripper's nipple, and then allegedly spank a stripper in a video -- you are really objectifying women. Then, there was your reported visit to a Brazilian brothel and your alleged after-party with two prostitutes.

Justin -- you're basically telling the world and your millions of female fans that at this point in your life, you're not viewing women as partners, friends, role models or advisors. No, you're just looking at them as turn-ons, and objects of sexual gratification.

Justin Bieber: What Happened To Selena Gomez?

It wasn't that long ago that the most important young woman in your life was your girlfriend, Selena Gomez. When you were involved with her, you were in a real relationship with a smart, confident, accomplished young woman who was an equal partner.

But now, the girls who aren't strippers that you dally with, like Chantel Jeffries, are just that -- fleeting dalliances, in which you seem to hold all the power. Chantel was literally just along for the ride with you for a couple of days. Just a follower on your party train, like Tati Neves, who filmed you sleeping in Brazil, after a bash at your rented pad.

What changed? What's the deal?

Justin Bieber: Remember The Way You Used To Be

Justin, yes, you're 19. But most 19-year-old men don't just objectify women today. Most would rather have a mutually loving relationship, like the one you apparently once had with Selena.

Furthermore, most guys, 19, don't have the years of life and work experience that you do. You should be mature enough at this point to know better. Plus, in the past, you've shown so much sensitivity to other women and girls -- to your mom, Pattie Mallette, to Selena, to Ariana Grande, to Ellen DeGeneres, and to little Avalanna Routh.

You've even started including some girl-disrespecting lyrics in your songs: "Ooh, you know females/And how they like to run their mouths," from "All Bad!" It's disappointing that you would take such a jab, at young women, when singing, especially when they're the ones who will be buying your music and concert tickets.

Justin, a generation of young women fell in love with you because you seemed like the perfect guy -- sweet, cute, romantic, sensitive, and respectful to your young female fans. You need to remember that the next time you're about to lick a stripper.

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