Justin Bieber's Nude Instagram Shows How Different The Internet Is For Women

 When a male celebrity posts a nude photo, he's complimented. When a female celebrity posts a photo that shows her scantily clad, she's called a slut. 

Such was the case with a comparison of Instagram photos recently posted by Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato. Tumblr user moanhowell posted on Wednesday a side-by-side example  of the dramatic differences between the comments the two photos received. Bieber's photo was a nude shot taken on a boat and posted to Instagram Monday; Lovato's was a snapshot posted last week, while she was wearing a bra top and promoting her new song "Cool For The Summer."

 Commenters on Bieber's photo, which was taken from behind, remarked "sexy," "turn around" and "I'll never stop looking." Commenters on Lovato's photo called her a "slut," said her outfit was "degrading" and asked her to "stop dressing like this." 

Online harassment is a pervasive problem for women, and female celebrities are certainly not immune. Moanhowell's caption managed to summarize the disturbing and ongoing issue in a nutshell: "This is so messed up." 

It sure is. 

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