The Internet Is Having A Field Day Comparing Justin Bieber And Orlando Bloom's Nude Pics

Is it too late for Twitter to say sorry?
A leak so big the internet can't handle it.
A leak so big the internet can't handle it.

The year was 2014. The setting was Ibiza, Spain. The culprits were Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber.

The two were caught on camera trading barbs and punches outside a restaurant after Bieber reportedly taunted Bloom over his split with supermodel Miranda Kerr, who was friendly with the singer

Flash forward to 2016, when nude photos of both Bloom and Bieber surfaced online, resulting in an internet response so great, we can already feel Kim Kardashian reaching for her phone to take another selfie.

Two days after photos of the “Lord Of The Rings” actor paddleboarding in the buff with girlfriend Katy Perry made the rounds, The Daily News published pics of Bieber skinny-dipping with model and rumored girlfriend Sahara Ray.

The coincidence of two people who feuded in the past having nudes leaked the same week was too much for social media to handle.

That being said, neither Bieber or Bloom has addressed the photos publicly, which makes us suspect the two have another thing in common: being photographed without their consent.



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