Justin Bieber Punches Man In The Face, Leaves Him Bloody

This fan got WAY too close for comfort.

What do you do when a fan invades your personal space? If you’re Justin Bieber, you punch them in the face. 

The pop star did just that on Tuesday night in Barcelona when an crazed fan got a little too close for comfort.

TMZ published video of the altercation showing the singer riding in a black car with the window down. For some reason, a fan decided to run alongside the car and reach through the window toward Bieber. The 22-year-old singer retaliated by punching the stranger in his face, leaving him bloody. 

Video shows the stunned man walking away from the car touching his bleeding lip, then reenacting the punch for the crowd that gathered. 

We’re not quite sure how this man pictured the outcome of sticking his hand into Bieber’s car, but here we are.

The Huffington Post has reached out to Bieber’s representation and will update this post accordingly. 



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