Even $5 Million Couldn't Get Justin Bieber To Perform At The RNC

You know what they say about making a deal with the devil ...

It could’ve been the biggest single payday of his life, but Justin Bieber declined the offer to perform at the Republican National Convention.

Bieber turned down $5 million from Republican Party donors to perform a 45-minute show at the venue near Quicken Loans Arena during the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio, according to TMZ. He wasn’t allowed to say anything disparaging about Trump or the GOP.

While the singer apparently initially considered it, manager Scooter Braun and label CAA thought it was “100 percent political” and pushed against it.

Bieber, the subject of Gawker speculation over whether he is actually a Trump fan back in April after supposedly liking one of Trump’s Instagram videos, cannot vote because he is Canadian. Braun, however, will most certainly be voting for Hillary Clinton, as he has long been a supporter and even hosted a fundraising event for the Democratic Party nominee back in 2015.  



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