Justin Bieber And Ruby Rose's Friendship Will Make You Instantly Jealous

It looks like there's one less lonely girl and one less lonely Bieber in the world.

Justin Bieber and the Internet's newest crush, Ruby Rose, appear to have a budding friendship if a recent Twitter exchange is any indication. Biebs tweeted at Rose about a picture of her sitting at a piano adorned with a certain pop star's face on it and things just got cuter from there:

The friendship seems like fate. Rose has been compared to Bieber, a joke that made it on to the new season of "Orange Is the New Black."

Since Season 3 of the show premiered in June, everyone everywhere has been clamoring about the Australian model and singer. Rose recently told The Huffington Post that she "was not expecting" the viral fame. But if she is going to be friends with Bieber, she should probably get used to it.



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