Justin Bieber Shows How He Tried To Cover Up His Selena Gomez Tattoo

It is too late now to get this tattoo lasered off?

Justin Bieber is just a regular guy when it comes to his many tattoos. A few of them are for his mom, there's some ink of Jesus and, of course, there's a tat dedicated to his famous ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. 

The "Love Yourself" singer broke down the significance of his tattoos for GQ magazine, probably after they pointed at a few and said "What do you these mean?"

Biebs happily explained all of his ink, but things got a little awkward when he pointed out a tattoo dedicated to Gomez. 

"Uh, this is my ex-girlfriend," Bieber said, while pointing to an angelic, cleavage-baring Gomez lookalike. "So I kinda tried to cover her face up with some shading, but people still know." 

That shade is gonna get even more awkward when Biebs and Gomez eventually get back together in, eh, let's say 2019. 

Watch the whole video below: 

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