A Selfie With Justin Bieber Will Cost You $2,000 On His Purpose Tour

Quite possibly the worst way to spend your money.

We pity the parents of Beliebers this holiday season, because a one-on-one meeting with the pop star might just break the bank. 

According to Altitude Tickets, there will be three VIP packages for the upcoming Justin Bieber Purpose tour, which starts in Seattle in March and will stop in 57 other cities throughout the US and Canada. 

The “Where Are You Now” VIP #Purpose Experience goes for $325, the The “I’ll Show You” VIP #Purpose Experience costs $925 and the Ultimate #Purpose Experience beats them all at a cool $2,000. 

Let us repeat that: $2,000 to meet Justin Bieber. 

The priciest package guarantees fans one selfie with the Biebs, a seat in a barricaded section at the end of the stage runway, a backstage tour, a premium merch package (most likely full of oversized beanies, a vial of Justin's apology tears and regret) and other goodies. 

Parents, you can breathe a collective sigh of relief because, according to Us Weekly, this premium Bieber experience has already sold out, but the remaining two are up for grabs. 

The “I’ll Show You” VIP #Purpose Experience doesn't include a personal selfie, and instead fans can only take photos in groups (the horror!), while the “Where Are You Now” VIP #Purpose Experience package includes no photo-ops. 

OK, so we know Justin Bieber's music is catchy or whatever, but there are probably some better causes to give your money to this season. 

And if you do decide to shell out, make sure you get that selfie or otherwise you'll be #Sorry. 


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