Justin Bieber Accused Of Spitting In DJ's Face At Ohio Nightclub (UPDATE)

UPDATE: 7/18 3:39 p.m. -- The DJ who accused Justin Bieber of spitting in his face, Addison Ulhaq, has filed a police report against the singer, according to TMZ. He claims he got tested for Hepatitis because the incident left him with saliva in his eye, nose and mouth.

No charges have been filed and it is unclear if Ulhaq will file a lawsuit.


An Ohio deejay is claiming Justin Bieber spit in his face while at a nightclub last weekend. According to the story reported by TMZ, the pop singer thought the man was taking photos of him.

The unnamed DJ called in to local radio show "Dave and Jimmy" Tuesday to say that it all went down in the V.I.P. area at The Social Room bar and lounge in Columbus, where he opened for the DJ who has been touring with the "Heartbreaker" singer. Bieber was in town for a stop at the Nationwide Arena.

"Two of Bieber's bouncers approached me and said that I was trying to take photos," the DJ told the "Dave and Jimmy" hosts. The men then took his phone and searched it, but found nothing. Nevertheless, Biebs apparently wasn't buying it.

"As I got pulled aside, [Bieber] confronts me, looks right in my face, says a couple choice words, and then spits in my face and then walks off," he added. "I was just completely stunned. I couldn't really react to it."

TMZ spoke with the supposed victim, who says he plans to file charges. But a spokesperson for Bieber told Gossip Cop it's all a "lie" and "never happened." The rep also called the DJ “another person looking for a paycheck in the witch hunt which at this point is just out of control.”

The Huffington Post has reached out to the 19-year-old's reps for further comment.

It is unclear if the DJ's story is true, but this isn't the first time Bieber has been accused of spitting at someone. Back in March, a neighbor from in his Calabasas, Calif., gated community claimed the teen spit in his face after the neighbor confronted the star about his speeding through the area in his Ferrari. Biebs was eventually investigated for battery, but the Los Angeles Times noted prosecution would be unlikely.

Listen to the full "Dave and Jimmy" interview below.



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