Justin Bieber, Stanley Cup Meet: Canadian Pop Star Poses With Lord Stanley, Enrages Fans (PHOTO)

It was already apparent that Canadian pop star Justin Bieber's arrival in Chicago was ruining pretty much everything, including angering a likely large number of professional hockey players in town.

And then this happened.

No, your eyes don't deceive. Ahead of his show at the United Center, Bieber got a date with Lord Stanley in the Blackhawks changing room -- as well as his own, custom-made Hawks sweater with his name emblazoned on the back, as documented by Blackhawks marketing and community affairs guy Peter Hassen.

And then, The Biebs was photographed from another angle standing on the Chicago team's logo -- which is a definite no-no among Hawks fans.

The Internet was none too happy about all of this but at least he didn't pee in the Cup, we suppose.



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