Justin Bieber Goes To A Strip Club, Spotted With A Beer In Houston

Justin Bieber's Weekend Included Beer And Strippers

Justin Bieber seems like he had a good time this weekend in Texas, where he allegedly hit up a strip club and got his hands on an ice-cold beer.

On Friday, Oct. 18, Bieber was spotted with a beer in his hand while partying at NOx in Houston, TMZ reports. The 19-year-old singer was photographed holding a Dos Equis -- the same brand of beer he was spotted with back in July while at a party with Selena Gomez.

bieber drinking

Management at the bar told TMZ no one served the underage star alcohol.

Later that evening, Bieber reportedly headed to local strip club VLive, according to Gossip Cop. Apparently, he got a little handsy with one of the dancers while there and she tweeted about the encounter.

She did say that she's now a Bieber fan.

A rep for the singer could not be immediately reached for comment.

News of the pop star's night out came ahead of the release of his newest single, "Hold Tight," which dropped Sunday. MTV News reports it is one of two singles he plans to release this week. On Tuesday, "Wait for a Minute" featuring Tyga will hit iTunes.

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