Justin Bieber Surprises A Superfan, And She (Understandably) Loses Her Mind

Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Bieber are up to their old tricks again.

Last week, Bieber and DeGeneres prank called Jacqueline, a University of Massachusetts student who's a huge fan of the 20-year-old singer. Bieber called her and told her she was missing too many classes -- and she really didn't miss any class! -- before DeGeneres revealed her (and Bieber's) identity and told her she was flying her out to Los Angeles for a taping of "The Ellen Show."

This week, things got even better for Jacqueline. DeGeneres called her onstage to meet Bieber, and she was at a loss for words. As for why she loves Bieber so much? “He honestly has the biggest heart, he cares so much about his fans and family, his music is so inspirational, I just love him so much," she said.

And in case you're getting tired of Bieber doing all the pranking, we've got good news for you: DeGeneres scared the crap out of him during the show. Check it out below:



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