Justin Bieber Shows Off His New Ink While Dancing With One Special Lady

These new tattoos are HUGE and totally not what you'd expect! 😱

Plot twists all around! New ink?! Dancing with a fan?!

Justin Bieber has had a bit of a falling-out with his fans lately. From ending all meet-and-greets back in 2016 to telling fans in Melbourne that they make him “sick,” he’s certainly had a roller-coaster relationship with his Beliebers.

Well, one very lucky fan got more than a meet-and-greet ― she got a shirtless dance with the Biebz himself! Luckily, he posted videos of the lovely encounter on his Instagram account for all of us to see:

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

We’re unsure of the woman’s identity, but this likely took place in a bar in New Zealand where the Biebz has been vacationing since the end of the Australian leg of his tour. 

Not only is this a rare sighting of Bieber getting along with a fan, but many Beliebers were quick to point out his fresh new ink. It was also spotted in his Instagram story, which many reposted. 

Sprawled across his stomach is a large tattoo of a bald eagle, while on his chest is a bear head. But what’s the significance of these two animals? Does he just really like eagles and bears? Either way, we’re glad to see Bieber out living his best life and back on social media.

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