Justin Bieber Wedding: Groom Serenades Bride With 'Baby' At The Altar

04/24/2012 05:58pm ET | Updated April 25, 2012

All eyes were on Roger Pogoda on his wedding day, but it wasn't just because he was the groom.

It was his heartfelt performance of Justin Bieber's hit song "Baby" that caught everyone's attention -- including his bride, Olga, who had no idea that her new husband had planned to serenade her at their wedding last month.

In this video clip of his performance, posted on YouTube this week, the North Carolina native sings the entire song at the altar to his surprised bride, who ends up joining in halfway through the song.

Despite his gutsy move, Pogoda said that he wasn't nervous about singing at the wedding. "During the first half of the ceremony before I sang, honestly, I was just reciting the lines over and over again in my head and making sure I didn't screw this up," he told local news station WECT.

Pogoda's wedding isn't the first place we've seen "Baby" show up, however. In fact, Bieber fever is making an impression on weddings everywhere.

In January, one Florida groom surprised his bride by lip-syncing to the song while performing a choreographed dance routine with his groomsmen at his wedding reception. The video quickly went viral and even Bieber himself tweeted about it.

Watch the video above to see Ogla's reaction to the singing groom.