Justin Bieber Weighs 110 Lbs, Flirts With Chelsea Handler (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber flirted with Chelsea Handler, said he weighs 110 lbs and admitted getting vitamin shots in his butt while on Handler's show Thursday night.

He also said that for his just-passed 16th birthday he received a Range Rover from Usher.

Handler busted him for the shots, saying how she walked in on him getting the butt booster of B12 when he was last on the show.

When she asked him when he would get to drive his new car, Bieber said, "On our date tonight."

This came after a discussion of how he wants to date Kim Kardashian, 13 years his senior.

When Handler said Kardashian was a lot of woman for Bieber, she also asked him what he weighed. Answer? 110 lbs.