Justin Bieber Wipes Out In Concert, Recovers Like A Pro

Baby, baby, baby, owwwww.

Whoever thought adding rain to an indoor stage show was a good idea probably never had to perform on it. Just ask Justin Bieber. 

The Canadian pop star, who's currently in the middle of his Purpose Tour, took a nasty spill during his show in Kansas City Wednesday night while performing his hit "Sorry." As he ran toward the front of the stage, he slipped and fell right on his ass. It looked painful, to say the least. (Side note: Props to the dancers who have to perform expert choreography in said puddles night after night.) 

Fans in the crowd who caught the fall on their phones shared videos online. 

Another video of Justin Bieber performing on the #PurposeTour tonight in Kansas City, Missouri. (April 6)

A video posted by Justin Bieber Crew (@jbcrewdotcom) on

But like a true pro, The Biebs got right back up and kept on going as if nothing happened. He didn't miss (a beauty and) a beat, and following the concert, he took to Twitter to thank fans and say, "Tonight was a great show." 



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