Justin Bieber's 'You Want Me': Biebz Drops New Song On Twitter (AUDIO)

Justin Timberlake dominated Grammys night, releasing a new song on iTunes and performing both in-show (with help from Jay-Z, of course) and post-show.

Not to be outdone, Justin Bieber dropped a new track on Twitter.

Called "You Want Me," the new song is not finished according to Bieber, but it does sound perfectly Timberlake-ian. "It's Justin!" Bieber shouts at the beginning of the track, before adding, quietly, "Bieber." Later on the song, Bieber raps.

Bieber, who was famously snubbed by the Grammys, used Grammy night to promote a Ustream broadcast, likely designed to take attention away from music's biggest night. Unfortunately, the broadcast was besieged by technical problems. Bieber released the unfinished track to make things up to his fans.

Listen to "You Want Me" above.

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