Justin Bieber's Mom, Pattie Mallette: 'Moms Always Worry About Their Children' (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber's mother Pattie Mallette joined HuffPost Live Thursday to discuss her new short film, "Crescendo," a biopic about Beethoven's mother which aims to raise money for teenage pregnancy centers around the country. But when host Marc Lamont Hill asked about her son's recent public behaviors, Mallette went mostly mum.

"I really don't know what to say," she said in response to a question about whether Bieber is having a meltdown. "I think moms always worry about their children," she added, saying that "letting go" has been difficult.

Bieber has been making headlines of late, scuffling with paparazzi, having disputes with neighbors, causing a disturbance at his hotel in Paris and appearing two hours late on stage in London.

Mallette said that "the roles have changed now that he's 19."

"Of course I have talks with him, of course I have conversations with him about all that stuff," she told Hill. "I wouldn't say [I'm more hands-off]...it's just different."

Mallette, who was 17 year old when she became pregnant with Bieber, is hoping to use "Crescendo" to raise $10 million for crisis pregnancy centers across the country. The film centers on Beethoven's mother, who, like Mallette, was a teenage mother who considered taking her own life while she was pregnant with what would turn out to be a musical prodigy. Mallette herself took shelter in a pregnancy center while she was pregnant with Bieber.

She discussed her goals for the film with HuffPost Live, seen below: