This Video Of Justin Bieber On The Drums Is Awakening Our Bieber Fever

The singer hopped onstage for a "Come Together" cover.

Justin Bieber has stolen the spotlight again.

On Saturday, the singer attended a California Breed concert at West Hollywood’s Peppermint Club to support his friend and band frontrunner Andrew Watts.

“Love you brother,” Watts captioned a photo on Instagram showing his good friend cheering him on in the front row.

Love you brother

A photo posted by watt (@thisiswatt) on

But the singer is not just a face in the crowd. Bieber later joined the band onstage for a cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together” by accompanying them on drums, reminding us all that he is one talented nugget.

Just see for yourself below.

No gram #JB on the favorite jam always

A video posted by watt (@thisiswatt) on

It really brings us back to the early days of Bieber mania, when he was just a young little munchkin rocking out on YouTube.

Those were the days...

It doesn’t look like our Bieber fever will be subsiding anytime soon ― but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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