Justin Carter, Teen Jailed Over 'Terroristic' Facebook Comment, Out On Bail

Good News For Teen Jailed Over Facebook Comment

Thanks to an "anonymous good Samaritan," Justin Carter, the teen jailed over a threatening Facebook post, is out on bail.

According to MSNBC, Carter is out on bail as of Thursday, July 11, after his family received a $500,000 donation so they could make bail. The 19-year-old has been in jail since mid-February after Texas police determined his language in a Facebook post constituted a "terroristic threat."

The Facebook post, made in the midst of an argument regarding the online game "League of Legends," stated, "I'm f---ed in the head alright. I think I'ma [sic] shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down and eat the beating heart of one of them."

Though he followed the violent language with the statements, "JK" and "LOL" -- Internet shorthand for "just kidding" and "laughing out loud," respectively -- a woman became alarmed after seeing the post when she realized Carter lived near an elementary school. She alerted the police, and he was arrested soon after.

Prior to making bail, Carter was reportedly on suicide watch in jail. In an earlier interview with CNN, his father, Jack, said his son had "pretty much lost all hope."

Carter is scheduled for a court hearing on July 16.

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