Justin Long And Kate Bosworth May Have Already Gotten Married

The actor called her his "now-wife" just a month after announcing their engagement.

Justin Long may have just revealed that he and Kate Bosworth are married.

The actor talked about falling in love with his “now-wife” on a recent episode of his “Life Is Short” podcast, prompting fans to wonder if the two ― who announced their engagement in April ― are already hitched.

“I was [in Bulgaria] while I was like really falling in love with my now-wife,” he told guest Kyra Sedgwick.

Things started to blossom between the pair when they were both abroad shooting their 2022 horror film “Barbarian.” They met in 2021 while working on the movie “House of Darkness.”

While Long said he was first worried about a work romance, he found he “loved” having the “Blue Crush” actor by his side.

Justin Long and Kate Bosworth announced their engagement in April.
Justin Long and Kate Bosworth announced their engagement in April.
Evan Agostini/Invision/Associated Press

“She came to visit and I had never been comfortable with set visits. I like to separate the relationship,” he said. “But, yeah, I loved having her there and we just had the most magical time.”

More evidence of nuptials emerged on Sunday when the duo was spotted wearing wedding bands in one of Bosworth’s Instagram Stories.

The couple had fun announcing their engagement last month. Bosworth celebrated her “future husband” in an Instagram caption that also included some choice puns about their film careers.

“These things are funny to announce. How to do this right?” she wrote. “He’s going the distance? I’ve got a Blue Crush? He’s just THAT into me? I’ve won a date with…??? Ok you get it!”

“The Last Sentinel” actor and Long began dating about two years ago.

Bosworth split with Michael Polish in 2021 and their divorce was finalized in March.

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