Justin May, Former William & Mary Prof, Sentenced In Child Porn Case

A former College of William & Mary professor has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for child porn production.

Justin May
, 34, pleaded guilty in October for manipulating a 13-year-old girl into sending him naked photos of herself, the William & Mary Flat Hat reports:

According to an affidavit filed by Federal agent Paula Barrow, the girl had posted clothed photographs of herself on the modeling website She received e-mails from an individual claiming to be "Jason Marx," who claimed to have knowledge of the modeling industry. "Marx" instructed her to e-mail an alleged former model named "Nikki" after she informed "Marx" that she was 13. "Nikki" persuaded the girl into emailing nude photographs of herself and offered to send a professional photographer in exchange for sex acts.

May was formerly an associate economics professor at the school. He began working there in 2007.