Remember The Puppy That Was Miraculously Saved In Iraq? She Just Got Re-Rescued (VIDEO)

The dog that was saved as a puppy in Iraq by Army Spc. Justin Rollins has been saved once again. This time from a fire in her New Hampshire home.

Hero made national headlines in 2007 when Rollins rescued her the night before losing his own life in the line of duty. The puppy brought solace to his grieving family, so when she was harm's way again last week, firefighters did everything they could to save her.

"When I saw the condition she was in, my heart just sank," Fire Chief Wayne Conroy told WMUR. "I just thought, 'Oh my God, the dog's not going to live.'"

Firefighters told the Nashua Telegraph that Hero wasn't breathing when they found her, but they were able to revive her using an oxygen mask. The next day, she was back to her old self.

There was no one other than the pets in the house when firefighters responded to the Newport home last Tuesday night. Conroy told the Union Leader that one of the first firefighters to arrive was a close friend of the family, so they immediately saved the animals they knew were inside.

The firefighters also saved Rollins' medals, photographs, and the flag that was draped over his casket, and the family's two cats and another dog that all made it out safely, the Union Leader reports.

"There are just too many signs... to know that he's there, and he's looking out for us," Rollins' father Skip told WMUR. "And looking out for his dog."



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