All About The (Gay) Love Of Debbie Reynolds

Writer-performer Justin Sayre spills the tea once again.

Like many film and theater fans, writer-performer Justin Sayre was left brokenhearted after learning that legendary actress Debbie Reynolds died late last year.

In his latest video for HuffPost Queer Voices, Sayre opens up about his “real weird connection” with Reynolds, recalling an interview in which the star offered a frank assessment of plastic surgery in Hollywood. Of course, his fandom didn’t stop there. “The woman could do anything,” Sayre said. “Seriously, have you ever gone online and seen Debbie Reynolds’s tambourine routine? Treat yourself.”

You can catch Sayre’s signature wit for yourself this weekend for the Feb. 19 installment of his variety show, “The Meeting,” which hits Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater in New York. Sayre’s “International Order of Sodomites” (I.O.S.) gathers once a month for “The Meeting,” a variety show honoring an artist or a cultural work that is iconic to the LGBTQ community. The February installment is dedicated to Broadway director-choreographer Michael Bennett of “A Chorus Line” and “Dreamgirls” fame.

You can check out Sayre’s comedy album, “The Gay Agenda,” here. Meanwhile, the latest episode of “Sparkle & Circulate with Justin Sayre,” the official I.O.S. podcast, was released this month, featuring an interview with Intimacy Idiot author Isaac Oliver.

You can also view some previous performances from “The Meeting” on Sayre’s official YouTube page. For more Sayre, head to Facebook and Twitter.

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