Justin Theroux Shares Details About Secret Wedding To Jennifer Aniston On 'Ellen'

And then weirdly plays with her look-alike mannequin.

Justin Theroux visited "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to discuss the second season of his HBO drama "The Leftovers," but the conversation quickly shifted to wedding talk. Theroux and his longtime partner Jennifer Aniston tied the knot this past August, and details on the secret ceremony have been kept mostly under wraps until now. 

According to Theroux, most guests were under the impression that the get together was a birthday celebration and didn't even know they were attending a wedding until the ceremony began. 

"I was shooting. She was shooting. And then we were trying to figure out when the best time was," said Theroux. "We were trying to do it under the radar and then we finally found the window."

"It was actually a massive miscalculation," he continued. "Because we thought, 'We're gonna tell some people this and some people that, and then people that really have busy schedules and whatever.' So then afterwards we kind of realized that was a terrible plan ..."

Theroux's visit ended on a strange note when Ellen brought out a life-size mannequin of Aniston (outfitted with the famous Rachel hairstyle), which Theroux began to play with and puppet. It might be time for Ellen to start reconsidering some of the show's celebrity material, especially in light of Monday's problematic Nicki Minaj sketch.

Theroux, however, was all laughs and called the resemblance "unbelievable."


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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
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