Justin Timberlake Backs England In World Cup And People Love It: 'It's Coming Home'

The singer shouted the pro-England phrase during a performance in London.

Justin Timberlake took the 2018 FIFA World Cup excitement to new heights on Monday by showing support for England during a concert in London.

While performing at the 02 Arena during his “Man of the Woods” tour, Timberlake shouted, “It’s coming home!” 

Fans loved that Timberlake said “It’s coming home,” a phrase that stems from England’s participation in the UEFA European Championship in England in 1996. That soccer tournament featured the tagline “Football Comes Home,” which was a nod to modern game having been invented in England. That phrase inspired comedy duo Frank Skinner and David Baddiel to partner with the band The Lightning Seeds to write “Three Lions (It’s Coming Home)” ― a song that became an anthem for English soccer fans.  

The song has been so prevalent in England this year due to World Cup mania that it topped Spotify charts with over 1 million plays, according to the streaming service. It has also entered full-fledged meme status and is popping up in movies and TV shows.

This is the third time that England has reached the World Cup semifinals. The team is set to play Croatia on Wednesday.

England supporters and Timberlake fans went wild when the singer used the phrase:



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