Justin Timberlake Surprised A Bride On Her Wedding Day Without A Suit And Tie

For shame.

Just when you had finally stopped the feeling(!), here’s Justin Timberlake being adorable and surprising an unsuspecting couple on their wedding day.

During a ceremony at the Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire on Saturday, the newly betrothed Chelsey Gaudet and Ryan Parks snapped a photo with the singer after the bride’s father spotted him eating lunch in the area earlier that day.

Apparently the coolest father-in-law ever arranged for Timberlake to pop by the venue as a treat for the couple ― and he happily obliged.

“So we were taking the first look photo and all of a sudden Justin Timberlake appears out of nowhere, shakes my husband’s hand and congratulates us and takes a photo,” Gaudet recounted to Entertainment Tonight. “We thought it was awesome of him to do that but had no idea it would go viral.”

Is this is a very gracious gesture on Timberlake’s part? Yes. Should we forgive him for his outfit choice? Never. 

Someone’s clearly lost touch with his “suit and tie shit.”



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