Justin Timberlake Goes Incognito As Ernie At Comic Con

There were scores of outlandish costumes and cosplay outfits at Comic Con this past week, but Justin Timberlake may have trumped them all: dressed up as Ernie from Sesame Street. The catch? Nobody knew it was JT -- not until the next day.

The perennial jokester, at the San Diego convention to promote his new movie In Time, purportedly strolled around incognito Thursday as the beloved orange-faced children's character along with Esquire writer Chris Jones, who accompanied him as Bert. According to Jones, who is working on a profile of the actor-singer for the magazine, the idea was all Timberlake's, who thought that "Bert and Ernie made for better bonding" than Elmo and the Cookie Monster, which were also available.

Under the Twitter handle MySecondEmpire, Jones tweeted:

If you were at Comic-Con yesterday, and you took a picture with a sketchy Bert and Ernie... I was Bert. Justin Timberlake was Ernie.

He then said:

I would pay good money to see the faces of the teenage girls who had no idea Justin Timberlake's arm was wrapped around them.