Justin Timberlake Spoofs Bon Iver On 'SNL' For Beyonce & Jay Z's Baby Debut (VIDEO)

WATCH: Justin Timberlake Spoofs Bon Iver On 'SNL'

The much-anticipated "Saturday Night Live" episode hosted by Maya Rudolph had its fair share of celebrity guests, but the sketch that saw the most "celebs" at once had to be the Blue Ivy debut.

Rudolph reprised her Beyonce impression and Jay Pharaoh tackled Jay Z in a sketch where they show off their new baby to their world-renowned friends. One by one they all show up, including Prince (Fred Armisen), Nicki Minaj (Nasim Pedrad), Taylor Swift (Kristen Wiig) and, finally, Grammy Award-winning Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon, played by 'SNL' favorite Justin Timberlake.

Anyone who listens to Bon Iver (or Googled it last week) will get a kick out of Timberlake's impression as he serenades the world's most talked-about infant. Let's just say he's the perfect person to have around when you need a lullaby.

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