Justin Timberlake Tries To Convince You He's Woke In 'Supplies' Music Video

"Tries" being the operative word.

Self-identifying “Man of the Woods” Justin Timberlake really wants you to know he’s actually a man of the times in his new music video “Supplies,” which dropped Thursday morning. 

The second single off the singer’s forthcoming album is here, and, we might just miss that dancing robot already. The video begins with Timberlake intently surveying a wall of TV screens with footage of figures such as Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. There are also flashes of protest signs reading “End Racism Now” and “Me Too” and scenes of police brutality and anti-racism demonstrations. 

Timberlake, whose politics have been somewhat of a grab bag lately, positions himself as some sort of resistance fighter, as he steps out into a post-apocalyptic world populated by creepy cult-like members, alligators and, yes, Pharrell. 

The former boy bander takes cues from Mexican actor and singer Eiza González Reyna who’s leading the fight but also, of course, has time for a sexy shirtless interlude with Timberlake. 

It all ends with Timberlake waking up in what looks like the aftermath of a final battle, where a little girl says to the camera, “You’re still asleep. Wake up.” 

To absolutely no one’s surprise, reaction was swift on social media, with many people expressing some confusion over the new “woke” Timberlake.

He’s come under criticism lately over his silence regarding accusations of child abuse against Woody Allen, who directed the star in his most recent film, “Wonder Wheel.” 



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