Justin Timberlake's College Athletics Fail For Capital One Cup (VIDEO)

Just Timberlake has a gaggle of Grammys, owns Emmy Awards, and is starring in two of the summer's biggest comedies. Is there anything he can't do?

Oh, college athletics. There's something.

While Timberlake is actually in fantastic shape and is a near pro-level golfer, he uses some of his well-honed comedy skills to go through the failing motions in some of the finer college sports in this promo video for his gig presenting the Capital One Cup at the ESPYs next week. It follows his 2008 "I Love Sports" gig at the award show, which was, well, absolutely hilarious.

The best bits? Definitely the field hockey skirt and the wrestling field. Oh, and emotional reaction to a very touching story. Given how badly it went, maybe he should stick to strictly presenting things in boxes?