Justin Trudeau Photobombs A Prom Picture, Which Makes Him King

His photographer, Adam Scotti, chronicles the prime minister's runs and catches passerby reactions.

Prom nights often include awkward moments with your date and partying.

But a chance meeting with your country’s leader while he’s exercising?

Nope, that’s a new one.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed to jog mostly unnoticed by a group of prom revelers in Vancouver, British Columbia, Friday night.

His photographer, Adam Scotti, captured the moment and wrote in a Sunday Instagram post that he’s chronicling the PM’s runs in a small side project and loves watching the reactions of people “as they realise who just ran past.”

It seems the group, at the Stanley Park Seawall, did finally recognize the photobomb-inclined Trudeau. He stopped for a photo with them.

Sure beats a corsage as a souvenir. 


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Correction: A previous version of this post mistakenly referred to Trudeau as a “head of state.”



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