American Men Are Literally Begging Justin Trudeau To Run For President

"All our guys are so bad."

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received an unusual proposal during a visit to New York City on Thursday.

When he stopped in the East Village's Mile End Deli, Trudeau was approached by a couple of American men who literally got on their knees and begged Canada's political leader to run for America's highest office. The two argued it didn't matter that Trudeau's not American-born, citing Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) presidential run. (Cruz was born in Canada to a U.S. citizen.)

Unfortunately for those Americans, Trudeau isn't interested.

"I actually have a job, and it's a pretty good one," Trudeau told the men.

Watch a video of the moment above.

Trudeau came to the U.S. last week to start his first official state visit. Trudeau and President Barack Obama held a press conference to discuss the future of U.S.-Canada relations, including a joint commitment to fight climate change. The White House also hosted a state dinner for the Canadian leader.

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