Shirtless Justin Trudeau Spotted Emerging From Cave, Photobombing Wedding

Separate incidents. Both caught on camera.

Canada is well known for its breathtaking nature ― and, increasingly, for its prime minister’s propensity to go shirtless.

PM Justin Trudeau is causing quite a stir after being caught running around without a shirt twice in recent weeks. (Eat your heart out, President Putin).

The 44-year-old politician was most recently snapped standing half-naked during a wedding on a British Columbia shore on Saturday.

The bride appeared too focused on her goal to notice the politician smiling behind her.

Less than two weeks earlier, Trudeau surprised a family by popping out of a cave — yes, again without a shirt on.

Jim Godby said his family was approaching the cave’s entrance in Quebec’s Gatineau Park on July 26 when they immediately recognized Trudeau’s voice coming from inside.

“He was leading with enthusiasm and determination and seemed genuinely excited,” Godby told PTBO Canada.

Once Trudeau was out in the open, Godby said his son posed for a selfie with the prime minister and they exchanged comments on the cave. Trudeau noted that there was a stream inside, which ― if he cooled off in it ― could explain his lack of attire. 

“Just another family outing on the trails of Gatineau Park,” Godby said.

Needless to say, Trudeau fans have had a meltdown on social media over his string of surprise appearances. Check it out for yourself: