This Lucky Bride Got A Wedding Photo And A Kiss From Justin Trudeau

Actually, two kisses.😘😘
08/10/2017 03:37pm ET | Updated August 10, 2017

Canadian prime minister and part-time wedding photobomber Justin Trudeau is at it again.

On Saturday, Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau were kayaking in Gulf Islands National Park in Sidney, British Columbia when they crossed paths with newlyweds Michelle and Heiner Gruetzner, who were celebrating nearby.

The bride was all smiles. 
We give this encounter two thumbs up. 

The couple spotted the Trudeaus, cruised over to say hello and even posed for some photos with them. The bride scored not one, but two kisses from the PM.

SO envious. 

“He said, ‘I’m not going to take my shirt off this time,’” the bride told CTV, a reference to Trudeau’s shirtless wedding photobomb that went viral last summer.

The images were captured by Trudeau's photographer, Adam Scotti. 

“It’s a nice addition to the photo album,” the groom told CTV.

The moment was captured by Trudeau’s photographer, Adam Scotti, who posted the images on Twitter.

Earlier that day, Trudeau was also photographed falling into shallow water while trying to get into the kayak. But he handled it like a champ.

Handout . / Reuters

“I’m just happy the national media was there to capture that,” he joked.

Keep doing you, Trudeau!

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