Justin Vernon, Boston Principal, Dresses As Lady Gaga, Milks Cow After Losing Bet (VIDEO)

Principal Forced To Dress Up As Lady Gaga Milk Cow

Justin Vernon, principal of the Roger Clap Innovation School in Boston, Mass., recently had to dress up as Lady Gaga and milk a cow after losing a bet with his students, NECN reports.

According to the station, the principal had challenged his students to read 10,000 books by June 1 -- a goal they beat by 3,000.

I couldn’t be any more proud of the students," Vernon told CBS Boston. "One of the ideas that is really stressed through the Roger Clap Innovation School is this idea of practice and challenge and these kids really took to that this year."

The silly celebration was more than just fun and games. According to the Boston Globe, the feat was an important milestone for the school, since it reopened in September as Boston's first "Innovation school," a program that allows greater flexibility in curriculum, schedules and other decision making.

“I think it’s amazing what they’ve done,” school parent Theresa Davis told the the Globe. “We fought hard to keep the school open, and I wouldn’t want my kids at any other school right now.”

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